363 Sales in Bankruptcy

There are three ways to buy possessions from a Chapter 11 estate. First, possessions can be acquired through a sale under 363 of the United States Personal Bankruptcy Code (the “Code”) prior to a Plan of Reorganization. Second, properties can be bought as part of a validated Chapter 11 plan […]

Michigan Estate Planning Summary

Estate planning is a legal arrangement made for the circulation of estates-also called properties-after your death. This article discusses estate planning choices in Michigan. Estate planning makes sure that your possessions and property are dispersed according to your dreams after your death. The circulation might consist of drafting a will, […]

Know Your Options

Estate organizers often speak about developing the plan that fulfills the specific requirements of the people they are recommending. They ask what you desire and offer you options about how to get what you want. However, let’s go back and look at the bigger photo. Estate planning is not only […]

Florida Estate Taxes

Lots of states enacted estate tax programs which supplemented the federal estate income tax laws. Called “pick-up” taxes, state estate tax programs usually got where federal taxes left-off. Hence, given that most estates did not owe federal earnings taxes, a small number of Floridians paid state pick-up estate taxes. According […]