Who Should Be The Beneficiary Of Your IRA?

Who Should Be The Beneficiary Of Your Individual Retirement Account? Source: Flickr You have a variety of choices when it concerns selecting a recipient (or recipients) for your IRA. Some are proper. Some are errors and can cause hold-ups and expenditures in getting the funds to your wanted recipients. Some […]

Signing And Witnessing Your Will

Signing And Seeing Your Will Source: Flickr (NC)-Signing and experiencing is important to the legal validity of your Will and requirements vary from province to province. Witnesses You and your two witnesses sign the document in each other’s existence as well as initial each page. Neither your beneficiaries (someone who […]

What is Power of Attorney?

Source: Flickr Power of Attorney is a legal file where one person licenses another to act on his/her behalf. It enables that authorized individual to handle company and/or financial affairs when one person is not able to do so. It might be needed due to illness, abroad travel or psychological […]