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It started as a normal scratch which persisted for some time. Although I was a bit concerned, I did not think it was anything to worry about. In fact, I thought the discomfort would disappear after a while. What I did not know was that things would take a different turn after a few weeks. Naturally, I do not like going to hospital so when I could no longer hold my peace, I engaged a friend who told me that he had the same experience a while ago but it cleared on its own. He told me to relax – things would be fine. He suggested that I visit the most established dermatologist in Orange County that specializes in male HPV.  That is Dr. Lauber in Newport Beach…

The day I saw warts at the tip of my penis I was scared to the core. After a closer look I saw tiny flesh-colored bumps on my genitals. I realized that the warts which are caused by penile hpv were all over my genitals including the scrotum and the anal area. My body went numb with fear and despondency. What were these things? To make matters worse, they were extremely painful and I had problems wearing my inner wear.

I decided to seek medical help. Since I was on official duties in Newport Beach I went to see Dr Lauber and – boy this guy helped me. He was warm, kind and very accommodating. What impressed me is the fact that even after undressing, he did not seem perturbed by my condition. He applied acetic acid which whitened all the warts. This helped him to see others which had not been visible initially. After that he used a colposcope (magnifying glass) to see everything clearly. He then told me that I was suffering from genital warts – a condition caused by penile hpv and asked me about my sexual lifestyle and I told him the truth.

The doctor told me that if the warts had not been painful, I would not need treatment. Seemed my friend wasn’t lying after all. His warts were not as bad as mine. However, because mine were painful, the doctor decided to put me on podophilox (also known as condylox). The first application was done at the clinic and I was told to keep applying the medicine while at home. He took time to explain how to apply the medicine as it would irritate the adjacent areas if applied wrongly. He was very categorical when he said “this medicine should never be applied internally.”

I react to various medications so I asked if this one had side effects. He then highlighted that Podophilox may cause soft skin irritation, discomfort or wounds. However, he assured me of its effectiveness. We bid each other by and I was given an appointment to go back after two weeks. After applying the medicine for just two days, the pain lessened by far and at the end of the first week I was wearing my inner wear comfortably. I went back for a checkup and the doctor was impressed by my improvement – I was healing well. I will never forget this man. He handled me with respect and decorum – at no time did he seem to judge me. I will be forever grateful for you Dr Lauber. You are one in a million!